Legal Consultancy

Our preferential aim is to preclude and resolve problems before they become a legal issue which persons or companies are confronted with momentarily in their daily life. The duty of a lawyer includes not only litigation. Lawyers also undertake the mission of conducting the disputes of legal issues and problems which their client are confronted with, as well as prosecuting a claim in a law court. ”Legal Consultancy Services of Lawyers” are considerably important from the point of proceedings made by real or regal persons.

Attorney in Law

The resolution of the disputes between parties without entering an action is not always possible. The requirement of a real or legal advisor for the resolution of the disputes between the parties which they have to pursue through action is inevitable. Existence of lawyers is an important matter in protecting the rights of persons and expediting the judicial proceedings.


Mediation is a legal process frequently applied out of trial for resolving the disputes during the judicial proceedings or before bringing an action. The aim of mediation process is to negotiate the disputes which are subject to problems between parties by the way of providing an ideal compromise for both parties. A mediator supports the parties for developing such results. Especially in the future, a mediator may get use of the negotiations on the subject to get effective consequences. Without coming to a conclusion by himself about the contents of the subject, he must have the quality of a negotiator in leading both parties. Mediation process may only become possible through the mutual obliging and written agreement of the parties. Mediation is a preferable way which is applied immediately, quickly and effectively. It is acceptable, legal and gets more concessive result than judgement in terms of acceptability for both parties. Besides mediation process includes some qualities such as getting more constructive results and being a team work, legal, swift and efficient. This process has a field of application related with contractual disputes in general. Lawyers undertake the mission of being the negotiator in the application of this process. Our law firm is successful in solving the problems by mediation process through our experiences respecting to agreements.